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Our journey in the Drexel Graphic Design program has been like going through a maze together. The first one we encountered was navigating (and getting lost in) the URBN building. Then, we encountered the emotional maze of the design process.

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Despite the winding paths and road blocks we encountered, we have persevered and we are emerging from the maze as talented and passionate designers.
This year’s Senior Showcase focuses on the mental aspects of the design process as well as our collective experience. We gained INSPIRATION from the work around us. We hit CREATIVE BLOCKS during those late nights. We gave CRITIQUES to our peers who needed a fresh set of eyes.
Lastly, we pulled through the GRIND and produced our final projects. The maze represents this design journey, the beloved community we've cultivated, and our home for the last four years. And now, we are excited to share our home with you.
The Class of 2022
Meet the Seniors


In our community of unique, well-rounded designers, the following students have shown great commitment and talent. The Drexel Graphic Design faculty and alumni would like to recognize the following seniors in their winning categories:

Senior Portfolio
Madeline Nguyen
Alumni Award
Kathy Chung
Capstone Project
George Hoey
Connor Jackson


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Find the happiest people in your life and consider what makes them that way. Chances are it's the small, not the big stuff that matters most to them. Model that.

Ali Colman (Kreiger)


Be careful when connecting with your work emotionally ... you can be passionate about design but you need to be able to separate your passion from any sort of emotional connection that would cause you to be upset when a client (in the end ... you're here to make them happy) does not like your idea or asks you to make major changes. Always be ready to discuss the "why" behind the design but be prepared to receive feedback counter to what you may feel is right.

Cressida Bedolla

Disney / ESPN

Don't write off a career in corporate America for fear of creative constraints. You can still do agency level work in-house, at an Audit, Tax or Commercial Real Estate company. Always seek out new project and learning opportunities. Freelance, even if you don't intend to do it full time - the project management, business and art direction skills you will learn alone, make it worthwhile. Be yourself, have fun and be kind. Extreme ownership. Own your mistakes, your design decisions and keep your promises and deadlines. Advocate for yourself, find your niche in the design world - it can be anything! - and find a good mentor to bounce ideas off of and to help guide you through your career.

Peter Eyrich


Listen and learn - Yes you have a million great ideas, but remember that you do not know everything. Learn from designers that are a year or two older than you; learn from designers that have 10 years of experience; learn from designers who have been working for decades. You can learn a lot from other designers, but you can learn a lot from other people who you will work with — soak up all of the knowledge you can. Life is bigger than your job and design. Find other hobbies and interests that fulfill you and restore your energy.

Herbie Hickmott

Philadelphia Water
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Meet the Seniors